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Second CD published in the summer of 2015, a work in which Potato Head Jazz Band includes for the first time songs composed by themselves, as well as original arrangements of some of the best hits of traditional jazz, in the purest style of New Orleans jazz from the beginning of the last century.

With a vibrant energy achieved thanks to the fact that the group opted for live recording in the studio, that is, the whole band playing at the same time and without editing the instruments separately, using a recording system similar to that of jazz bands pioneers in style. “Like a Child”, its title, perfectly reflects the atmosphere that is created in their live performances and for which the band is so well known, enjoying “like children” on stage, both the musicians and the audience.

And a question for the fans: whose member of the band’s son is the child that appears on the cover?

Recorded and mixed by the German engineer Paul Grau in his studios in Motril, Granada


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