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Released in 2019, musically it is a major step forward for the band. The incorporation of new musicians of the highest quality and the choice of a much more extensive repertoire make this new album a milestone in his career.

Following the philosophy of this style of jazz, like the previous albums, they recorded it completely live, with practically no editing. This time they chose to convert their usual rehearsal space, an old and spacious town house in Granada, into a professional recording studio. It was possible to obtain a very natural sound and above all, by recording the group in “their own house”, generating an environment favorable to good musical energy and full of creativity.

It is a repertoire that turns out to be more faithful to the style of the 1920s in New Orleans, a fairly primitive and authentic jazz, full of “rags”, “stomps” and traditional rhythms, to which the sound of the trombone gives a new “color” to the sound of the band.

Recorded and mixed by the engineer Che Luis Salmerón in the house where the band usually rehearses in Granada


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